Bank Shot ( 1974 ) ( 83 mins )

Bank Shot

Overview: A bank temporarily housed in a mobile home while a new building is built, looks like an easy target to break into. On the other hand, why not steal the whole bank, and rob it in a safer location.

Rating: 5.6 out of 10

Genres: Comedy.Crime.

Production companies:

Landers-Roberts Productions.

The Movie DB :

Imdb : tt0071194

Bank Shot Trailers

Bank Shot Movie Trailer

Movie credits

George C. ScottGeorge C. ScottWalter Upjohn Ballentine
Sorrell BookeSorrell BookeAl G. Karp
Clifton JamesClifton JamesBulldog Streiger
Bob BalabanBob BalabanVictor Karp
Bibi OsterwaldBibi OsterwaldMums Gornik

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