Jumanji ( 1995 )

1995-12-15 - ( 104 mins )

Tagline: Roll the dice and unleash the excitement

Overview: When siblings Judy and Peter discover an enchanted board game that opens the door to a magical world, they unwittingly invite Alan -- an adult who's been trapped inside the game for 26 years -- into their living room. Alan's only hope for freedom is to finish the game, which proves risky as all three find themselves running from giant rhinoceroses, evil monkeys and other terrifying creatures.

Rating: 5.4 out of 10

Genres: Adventure.Fantasy.Family.

Home Page: www.sonypictures.com/movies/jumanji/

Production companies:

TriStar Pictures.Interscope Communications.Teitler Film.Sony Pictures.

The Movie DB : 8844

Imdb : tt0113497


Jumanji Movie Trailers

Jumanji Movie Trailer
Jumanji Movie Trailer
Jumanji Movie Trailer

Jumanji Movie credits

Robin WilliamsRobin WilliamsAlan Parrish
Jonathan HydeJonathan HydeSamuel Alan Parrish / Van Pelt
Kirsten DunstKirsten DunstJudy Shepherd
Bradley PierceBradley PiercePeter Shepherd
Bonnie HuntBonnie HuntSarah Whittle
Bebe NeuwirthBebe NeuwirthNora Shepherd

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