Mystery Men

Mystery Men

Mystery Men ( 1999 )

1999-08-06 - ( 121 mins )

Tagline: We're not your classic heroes, we're the other guys.

Overview: When Champion City's hero Captain Amazing is kidnapped by the recently paroled supervillain Casanova Frankenstein, a trio of average, everyday superheroes -- Mr. Furious, the Shoveler and the Blue Raja -- assemble a new super team to save him.

Rating: 6 out of 10

Genres: Adventure.Fantasy.Action.Comedy.Science Fiction.

Production companies:

Universal Pictures.Golar Productions.Dark Horse Entertainment.

The Movie DB : 9824

Imdb : tt0132347


Mystery Men Movie Trailers

Mystery Men Movie Trailer

Mystery Men Movie credits

Ben StillerBen StillerMr. Furious
Geoffrey RushGeoffrey RushCasanova Frankenstein
Claire ForlaniClaire ForlaniMonica
William H. MacyWilliam H. MacyThe Shoveler
Hank AzariaHank AzariaThe Blue Raja
Janeane GarofaloJaneane GarofaloThe Bowler

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