The Lion King 1½ ( 2004 ) ( 77 mins )

The Lion King 1½

Tagline: You Don't Know The ½ Of It

Overview: Timon the meerkat and Pumbaa the warthog are best pals and the unsung heroes of the African savanna. This prequel to the smash Disney animated adventure takes you back -- way back -- before Simba's adventure began. You'll find out all about Timon and Pumbaa and tag along as they search for the perfect home and attempt to raise a rambunctious lion cub.

Rating: 6.5 out of 10

Genres: Animation.Comedy.Family.

Production companies:

DisneyToon Studios.

The Movie DB : 11430

Imdb : tt0318403

The Lion King 1½ Trailers

The Lion King 1½ Movie Trailer

Movie credits

Nathan LaneNathan LaneTimon (voice)
Ernie SabellaErnie SabellaPumbaa (voice)
Julie KavnerJulie KavnerMom (voice)
Jerry StillerJerry StillerUncle Max (voice)
Matthew BroderickMatthew BroderickSimba (voice)
Robert GuillaumeRobert GuillaumeRafiki (voice)

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